Welcome to the Cushman Foundation

The Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research, Inc., was founded in 1950 by a group of dedicated scientists “to promote research on foraminifera and allied organisms” and to assure the publication of research results in its journal, originally the Contributions from the Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research and now the Journal of Foraminiferal Research.  These journals followed in the tradition of the Contributions from the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research published from April 1925 to December 1949 by Joseph A. Cushman (1881-1949). 

Membership in the Cushman Foundation supports this goal and benefits members in various ways. Membership dues chiefly support the publication of the Journal of Foraminiferal Research in print and online. With strong editorial leadership, the Journal of Foraminiferal Research publishes scientific articles of high professional standards, as reflected in the caliber of its articles, the superior quality of its reproductions and its high frequency of citation. An index of articles and directory of members is published annually in the October issue. A useful summary of recent publications on foraminifera appears in each issue. In addition, the Foundation publishes an actively growing series of Special Publications, many of which are currently available for purchase.

Each year the Foundation awards student grants to M.S./Ph.D. students to partially support (up to $2000) their research projects and attendance at professional meetings. The many proposals received each year are judged on a competitive basis by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  The Foundation also awards the Joanna Resig Foraminiferal Research Fellowship each year to doctoral students each year.

In 1980, the “Joseph A. Cushman Award for Excellence in Foraminiferal Research” was established to honor major contributors to foraminiferal research. Many outstanding researchers have been honored since for their superlative accomplishments in foraminiferal research. The award is presented at a social evening during the Annual Meeting of the Cushman Foundation held during the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting.

The Foundation also sponsors the Cushman Symposia on selected timely topics of foraminiferal research at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting.

The Foundation's business, website  and publishing activities are supported by Allen Press of Lawrence, Kansas.

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2021 Officers

  • President - Pamela Buzas Stephens
  • President Elect - Ken Miller
  • Past-President - Laurel Collins
  • Secretary - Crystal Pletka
  • Treasurer - R. Mark Leckie

Current Directors

Joan M. Bernhard   
Laurel Collins 
Richard Fleugeman
 Megan Fung  
Susan T. Goldstein

Brian T. Huber


Scott Ishman

Miriam Katz 

Adriane Lam 
Student/Early Career Director

R. Mark Leckie
 Jere H. Lipps  

Peter McLaughlin

Ken Miller  

Crystal Pletka


Lizette Leon-Rodriguez


Pamela Buzas Stephens

Lisa White    

Honorary Directors

  • Paul Brenckle 
  • Martin Buzas 
  • Martha T. Collier 
  • Don Eicher 
  • Paul Loubere 
  • Pamela Hallock Muller 
  • Emile Pessagno 
  • Charles Ross 
  • Barun Sen Gupta 
  • Scott W. Snyder 
  • Ellen Thomas 
  • Kenneth M. Towe

Acting Special Publications Editor

Journal of Foraminiferal Research Editors

  • Ann Holbourn and Wolfgang Kuhnt

Business Office Contact information:

The Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research
PO Box 7065
Lawrence, KS 66044-7065