Journal of Foraminiferal Research

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diamondJFR_DR2020001−Huang et al., Permian fusulinid Rugoschwagerina (Xiaoxinzhaiella) from the Shan Plateau, Myanmar: systematics and paleogeography. v.50(1), p. 11-24. (Appendix 1.xlsx)

diamondJFR_DR2020002−Rostami et al., Benthic foraminifera across the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in the eastern Tethys (northern Alborz, Galanderud section): extinction pattern and paleoenvironmental reconstruction. v.50(1), p. 25-40 (Appendix 1.xlsx, Appendix 2.xlsx, Appendix 3.xlsx)

diamondJFR_DR2020003−Zsiborás and Görög, Aalenian-lower Bajocian foraminiferal fauna from the Ammonitico Rosso series of Bakonycsernye (Hungary). Part 1: taxonomy and biostratigraphy. v.50(1), p. 41-72 (Appendix 1.xlsx)

diamondJFR_DR2020004−Zsiborás and Görög, Aalenian-lower Bajocian foraminiferal fauna from the Ammonitico Rosso series of Bakonycsernye (Hungary). Part 2: palaeoecological and palaeobiogeographical aspects. v.50(1), p. 73-88 (Appendix 1.pdf)

diamondJFR_DR2020005−Mikhalevich et al., The Russian school of foraminiferology. v.50(1), p. 97-107 (Appendix 1.docx)

diamondJFR_DR2020006−Kornecki et al., The Canary in the coal mine: Testae amoebae record anthropogenic impacts in sediments of oligotrophic Lake George, NY, USA. v.50(2), p. 128-140. (Appendix 1.xls, Appendix 2.xls, Appendix 3.xls)

diamondJFR_DR2020007−Weinkauf et al., Constraining the role of shell porosity in the regulation of shell calcification intensity in the modern planktic foraminifer Orbulina universa d’Orbigny. v.50(2), p. 195-203 (Appendix 1.xls, Appendix 2.pdf)

diamondJFR_DR2020008−Davis et al., Trace element heterogeneity across individual planktic foraminifera from the modern Cariaco Basin. v.50(2), p. 204-218 (Appendix 1.doc; Appendix 2.xls)

diamondJFR_DR2019007−Culver et al., Rapid change of foraminiferal communities and assemblages in the Setiu estuary, Terengganu, Malaysia: Anthropogenic drivers. v. 49(2), p. 206–226. Appendix 2 (.xlxs)

diamondJFR_DR2019006–Martin et al., Microbial associations of four species of algal symbiont-bearing Foraminifera from the Florida reef tract, USA, v. 49 (2), p. 178–190, Appendices 1-5 (.pdf)

diamondJFR_DR_2019005– Molina Memorial-Suppl_material.docx v. 49 (2), p. 105–106. Appendix: List of Publications, Eustoquio Molina (.pdf)

diamondJFR_DR2019004–Glock et al., Interactions of Globobulimina auriculata with nematodes: Predator or prey? v. 49, p. 66–75. Appendices 1, 3, 4 (.pdf); Appendix 2 (MP4 Video).

diamondJFR_DR2019003−Humphreys, Shallow-water benthic foraminifera of the Galápagos Archipelago: Ecologically sensitive carbonate producers in an atypical tropical oceanographic setting: v. 49, p. 49–65. Appendices 1–3 (.pdf).

diamondJFR_DR2019002−Haller et al., Distribution of modern salt-marsh foraminifera from the eastern Mississippi Sound, U.S.A. v. 49, p. 29–47. Appendix captions, 5 and 8 (.pdf); Appendices 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 (.xlxs).

diamondJFR_DR2019001−Suriadi et al. Inner shelf benthic foraminifera of the South China Sea, East Coast Peninsular Malaysia: v. 49, p. 11–28. Appendix 1 (.pdf).

diamondJFR_DR_2018011– Tichenor & Lewis, Distribution of encrusting foraminifera at San Salvador, Bahamas: A comparison by reef types and onshore−offshore zonation: v. 48(4), p. 373–387. Appendices 1 & 2 (.xlsx file)

diamondJFR_DR_2018010–Katz et al., Neogene benthic foraminiferal biofacies, paleobathymetry, and paleoenvironments of a Gulf of Mexico transect: v. 48(4), p. 356–372. Note: this appendix is not yet available.

diamondJFR_DR_2018009–Premoli Silva et al., Upper Hauterivian-upper Barremian planktonic foraminiferal assemblages from the Arroyo Gilico Section (southern Spain): v. 48(4), p. 314–355. Note: This appendix appeared in the publication on p. 354–355.

diamondJFR_DR_2018008–Crundwell, Globoconella pseudospinosa, n. sp.: A new early Pliocene planktonic foraminifera from the Southwest Pacific: v. 48(4), p. 288–300. Appendices 1, 3, 4-captions (1 .pdf), Appendix 1 (13 plates in .pdf files), Appendix 3 (1 .pdf), and 4 (1 .pdf).

diamondJFR_DR_2018007–Papazzoni & Seddighi, What, if anything, is a nummulite bank? v. 48(4), p. 276–287. Appendix 2. (xlsx).

diamondJFR_DR2018006−Jentzen et al., Assessment of the effect of increasing temperature on the ecology and assemblage structure of modern planktic foraminifers in the Caribbean and surrounding seas, v. 48(3), p. 251−272.  Appendices 1−6 (.pdf file)

diamondJFR_DR2018005−Ellis et al., The foraminifera of Chincoteague Bay, Assateague Island, and the surrounding areas: a regional distribution study, v. 48(3), p. 223−240. Appendices 1−9 (.xlsx file)

diamondJFR_DR2018004−Goldstein and Bowser, Memorial to Zach McLendon Arnold (1921–2015), v. 48(3), p. 183−185. Appendix 1 (.pdf file)

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diamondJFR_DR2018000−Amao et al., Benthic Foraminifera in hypersaline Salwa Bay (Saudi Arabia): an insight into future climate change in the Gulf region? V. 48(1), p. 29−40. Appendices 1−4 (.xlsx file)

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diamondJFR_DR2017007–Si & Berggren, Taxonomy, stratigraphy and phylogeny of the Middle Miocene Fohsella lineage: geometric morphometric evidence, v. 47(4), p. 310–324. Appendix 1 (.pdf file)

diamondJFR_DR2017006 –Moreno et al., Records from marsh Foraminifera and grapevine growing season temperatures reveal the hydro-climatic evolution of the Minho Region (NW Portugal) from 1856–2009, v. 47(2), p. 208–218. Appendices 1–3 (.pdf file)

diamondJFR_DR2017005–Abd El Naby et al., Biometric analysis of Nummulites pachoi Said, 1951 (Topotype, Late Lutetian) from El Arag Oasis, Egypt, v. 47(2), p. 129–135. Appendix 1 (.xls file)

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diamondJFR_DR2016007 - Hayward and Triggs, “Using multi-foraminiferal-proxies to resolve the paleogeographic history of a lower Miocene, subduction related, sedimentary basin (Waitemata Basin, New Zealand)”, 46(3), Appendices 1, 3, and 6 (pdf file), Appendix 4, 7 (MS Excel files)

diamondJFR_DR2016006 - Cozar et al., “Foraminiferal biostratigraphy across the Visean/Serpukhovian Boundary in the Vegas de Sotres Section (Cantabrian Mountains, Spain)”, 46(2), Appendix 1 (MS Excel file)

diamondJFR_DR2016005 - Abu Zied et al.,Environmental conditions of shallow waters alongside the southern Corniche of Jeddah based on benthic foraminifera, physico-chemical parameters and heavy metals”, 46(2), Appendix 2 (MS Excel file)

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diamondJFR_DR2015004 – Li et al., “Application of a self-organizing map and canonical correspondence analysis in modern benthic foraminiferal communities: a case study from the Pearl River Estuary, China”, 45(3), Appendices 2-3 (MS Word Files)

diamondJFR_DR2015003 – Wu et al., “Foraminifera as environmental indicators and quantitative salinity reconstructions in the Pearl River Estuary, Southern China”, 45(3), Appendix (PDF)

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Appendix 2 MSExcel or Appendix 2 pdf
Appendix 3

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